How do I make a booking ?

There are 2 simple steps: a. Search for what you want and find the cheapest price online. b. Contact your concierge team to book with up to 15% discount.

Step 1

Find out where you want to go, where you want to stay, what you want to do and when.

Step 2

Search online to find the best price.

Step 3

Contact your concierge team with your best price.

Step 4

Receive your discounted quote, approve and make payment.

Step 5

The concierge team will make the booking and send you confirmation.

How do I contact my concierge team ?

You can contact your concierge team by email, phone, SMS and mobile apps such as whatsapp, messenger, viber and botim.

  • European Team: +44 7939 999 787
  • Middle Eastern Team: +20 100 252 9994
  • Email:

Which languages can I use to communicate with the concierge team ?

For English and Mandarin please contact the European team, for Arabic, French and English please contact the Middle Eastern Team.

What if I have any further questions ?

Please contact or +44 7939 999787 with any questions that you may have.