1. Discounts are only applied on major booking and comparison sites such as booking.com, expedia.com, hotels.com, agoda.com, laterooms.com, trivago.com, hotelscombined.com, skyscanner.com and kayak.com.
  2. Discounts can also be applied on official hotel and airline websites etc. except on specially discounted products and special products that are not available elsewhere.
  3. Discounts will not be given on certain websites such as Airbnb, offline and online travel agency quotations or real estate agencies etc.
  4. Screenshots showing pricing sent to the concierge team by customers must show prices from within a maximum of 1 hour from the email being sent.
  5. Quoted prices are valid for 1 hour, after this time the quotation may change.
  6. Bookings will only be made after payment has been received and confirmation will be sent via email or WhatsApp within 4 hours of this.
  7. Discounts will be limited on special (VIP) status and loyalty programmes.
  8. Discounts are applied on basic prices before taxes, the customer must pay taxes where applicable, these are not discounted.
  9. In some countries hotels may charge an additional tax (eg. resort / city / local tax) and other fees (eg. cleaning fees), these are payable by the customer directly to the hotel, no discount will be given on these.
  10. No discount will be given on already highly discounted products such as booking.basic.
  11. Discounts will be given only when we are able to find the product requested by the customer. We can only apply discounts to products we can see / find.
  12. Prices before discount given by customers should be the final price that appears on the payment part of the booking or comparison website after applying any administration, booking or other fees.
  13. We do not offer bookings where we book in advance and customers pay at the facility.
  14. Refunds will only be given on refundable bookings provided the cancellation policy for the product has been adhered to correctly.
  15. A screenshot may be required to be sent to the concierge team in order to give a discounted rate.
  16. A maximum of 2% discount will be offered on packages (combined airline and hotel bookings).
  17. Theatre, events, attractions, concerts and sport tickets are non-refundable.
  18. Discounts cannot be passed on to third parties unless otherwise stated by the concierge team.
  19. Products and services purchased from conciergeoffers.com cannot be resold to third parties.
  20. In the case of self-drive vehicle rental, customers must book using their own credit card and driving license.
  21. The discount for self-drive vehicle rental will be in the form of a refund payable within 60 days of the customer sending us the invoice.
  22. Customers can pay using an online payment link provided by the concierge team or directly via www.cityinsideout.com/home/directpayment. Payment can be made by credit / debit card, American Express, bank transfer, Paypal, and, in certain countries, cash.
  23. Refunds will be made using the original method of payment subject to a 3% administration fee.
  24. Should you request that we change a booking for you the following charges will apply: £25.00 administration fee, any fees charged by the service provider and any incidental expenses we incur as a result of making the changes, for example telephone calls.
  25. We reserve the right not to make bookings for any customer without having to give a reason.
  26. We reserve the right to change or add to these guidelines without prior notice.