Where to Go Nuts on Sports

If you are a sports fan who loves wandering to discover new and unusual activities around the world, this blog was definitly written for you!

While in some countries basketball and soccer are the most popular sports, for some other countries they like to increase the fun while practicing sports.

  • Cheese Rolling

Dating back to the 19th century or earlier, the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is an annual event in Gloucester, England, in which competitors chase an eight-pound round of Double Gloucester cheese down a very steep hill.

  • Toe Wrestling

The game began in 1974 in Staffordshire. In the game, players take off their shoes and socks and link their toes together. The goal is to pin down the other competitor’s foot for at least three seconds before yours goes down. Each year, you can find the World Toe Wrestling Championships in Bentley Brook Inn, in Fenny Bentley, England, and the current world champion in toe wrestling is Alan “Nasty” Nash.

  • Wife-carrying

Wife Carrying today is an actual competitive sport in Finland in which male competitors race through an 831-foot long track with their wife on their back. The track goes through obstacle courses and a water obstacle, two teams at a time. The couple who crosses the finish line first wins the title of World Champion.

  • Volcano Boarding

Developed on the slopes of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua, this sport involves sliding down the side of a volcano on a plywood and metal board.